We often hear the saying that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, but this fact can also be interpreted in a way that a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body and an even healthier mind.

Through our little petty habits, we ruin our most valuable asset that is our body. Only if we allow ourselves to quit lazing around and move a finger or two there is room for some improvement and our well-being.

Therefore, there are some things that if you add bit by bit to your lifestyle will lead you to a better and healthy life and also some things which if you remove or forget will be best for you.

Wake up Early!

The most basic of tips given by the specialists is to maintain your circadian rhythms that is maintain your sleep-wake cycle. Sleep early Rise early. Sleeping late and waking up late won’t help you catch up your healthy routine neither does sleeping late and waking up early will do good. Studies have shown that people who sleep less are said to have a shorter life span and are often have a low threshold and are quick to their temper.

Now this problem can be fixed and its not too late if you have come to the realization. Dr. Stephanie Silbermann, sleep specialist and the author of The Insomnia Workbook writes that this problem can be fixed by adjusting yourself to a new pattern but will take some days. Start by going to bed early and wake up 15 minutes early.

Morning Exercise

Half an hour after you wake up it’s advised to do some form of exercise for at least 15 minutes.

It is said that morning exercise results in better sleep at night leading to a fresher mind in the morning. Similarly, the overall balance of your diet of the whole day can also benefit from it as by maintaining a balance between glucose intakes and insulin sensitivity.

Healthy breakfast!

Most of us in our busy lives make this vital mistake of skipping breakfast just because we are running late. However, it’s important to first hydrate yourself in the morning and later on having a healthy breakfast that is composed of vitamin and minerals, carbohydrates and a mix of proteins. Preferable diet includes omelets, fruits, yogurt, granola bars, and nuts and berries.

Apart from a healthy diet, you must not take any type of drugs to ensure healthy living. In case you or your loved ones are addicted to some type of drug, it is the best time to contact a rehab program Scottsdale. Cornerstone Healing Center is one of the most reputed rehabs in Scottsdale. 

Stay hydrated and active at working hours!

Our work routines can be tough at times and in those times, we often forget to take good care of ourselves, but your health comes first then your work. Due to continuous working, the body gets easily dehydrated and from time to time needs to be hydrated to keep your brain and body function at its best of capability.

Besides staying hydrated some type of energy bars should be with you as little energy boosters. Also sitting in front of the screen in our offices or studios may cause severe spinal problems, weakening of shoulder muscles and ultimately affecting the limbs. Hence it is advised to walk around a bit and do almost 5 to 10 jumps after 40 minutes or so of sitting.

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