The 101 On BootCamps

Normally, the main role of boot camps is to help you in building both your endurance and strength. It is however recommended that you have all the relevant information before deciding to sign up for a fitness boot camp.

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Both Yoga and Pilates are just some of the many additions that are being made to boot camp programs by a large number of personal trainers and gyms. There are several boot camp workouts that are conventional and are built according to military training that was used in the olden days.

Most of the boot camps in Sydney however, incorporate aerobics and strength training. Additionally, the fitness boot camps differ in the way that they deliver their exercises, with some emphasizing on military methods and others focusing more on Cross Fit style workouts.

As a beginner, it is important to know that boot camps can get really tough for the first few weeks. Before your workouts it is recommended that you hydrate and eat some carbohydrates at least one or two hours prior to training. You may also carry an energy drink with you to the session although your movements will be greatly restricted due to a full stomach.

Bigger Biceps For A Bigger Jump?


They’re only a vanity muscle, right?

Why would a pro athlete ever want to get bigger biceps if their sole goal is to simply jump higher?

Is it really that important, and more importantly, does bicep training in a direct fashion really contribute to a higher and more explosive vertical jump?

These are all questions that once confused the public but I’m here today to debunk all of them

First off to answer your question, YES, training your biceps more can help you in your goal to jump higher.

How is this? The reason this works is because of the way you hold the ball when you jump. Take basketball for example. When you grab a basketball in your arms, you need to have strong arms, biceps especially to hold the ball tight and make sure it doesn’t fall out.

However, you should not be focusing on arm training when it comes to jumping higher. Like always, the fundamentals matter more. To get started I would read this in-depth guide on 46-Jumpers to help you understand the basics of jumping higher.

Alternative Medicine Techniques For Eliminating Stretch Marks

alternative medicine stretch mark removal




Stretch marks are a total bitch. There I said it. They really really suck and there really isn’t much that anyone can do about it.

But luckily I’ve been experimenting with alternative medicine techniques to help get rid of them. And believe when I say that my alternative medicine techniques have been nothing short of amazing these past few months.

One of favorite techniques to get rid of stretch marks is by cupping. The reason cupping works so well is because it essentially absorbs all the nasty toxins that cause stretch marks in the first place in the body. The cupping technique involves super hot cups that uses the heat to essentially absorb the heat and by doing so, all the bad stuff that causes stretch marks in the first place disappears.

Another good alternative medicine technique to get rid of stretch marks is acupuncture, however I do not have enough experience with this to say how well it works but I know a few people who have reportedly had great success with it.

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The Best Celebrity Workout and Diet for Muscle Building

Have you ever wondered what the best celebrity workout routine and diet to build muscle is? The world of fitness and Hollywood is full of people selling the perfect solution for mass building, but many of the diets and workout regimens that are being promoted are little more than expensive fads. In truth, it is simple to build muscle and get a great physique. The trick is putting in the work for long enough to achieve your goals.

The best workout routine for muscle building is one that involves progressive resistance. You should aim to lift weights at least three times a week, with five being the ideal.

For example, here are some of my favorite workouts to get a Hollywood body:



Give yourself two days to rest, so that your body has time to recover. Lift weights that are heavy enough that you feel fatigue after a set of five to eight repetitions.

Weights that are too light for you will not offer strength benefits, and weights that are too heavy will increase your risk of injury. Start with a light weight to warm up, and work up to three sets of five repetitions of your working set.

Each workout, try to add a small amount of extra weight, or do one more repetition. When you can do eight repetitions with a weight, add more weight to the bar and drop the reps back down to five.

The best diet for muscle building is one that is high in protein and contains healthy fats. You should aim to consume slightly more calories than your body needs when you are building muscle.

If you increase your calorie intake to 250 calories above your maintenance level and eat nutritious whole foods you should see consistent strength gains. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep after your workout too, so that you have energy for the next session.